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    Lagging menus Photoshop MacOS


      Sometimes when selecting a menu item it takes about 5 seconds for Photoshop to respond. If moving the mouse pointer after clicking the menu item, PS responds immediately. Sometimes when opening a menu an automatic click occurs when moving the mousepointer causing the menu to close or even automatically choose a menu item.


      Any idea?


      Applies to:

      Top menus, Right click Context menus, Dropdown menus in panels. Only Photoshop affected


      Photoshop version:

      Current 19.1.3 and some versions back



      2 different Macbook pro (2015 and 2017) with latest OS

      Several Logitech Mice and/or internal trackpad (with or without Logitech drivers)



      Very random. Sometimes never and sometimes 1 out of 3 tries. Seems to be more frequent after some time working in PS without restarting



      Have also noticed that when closing menus they sometimes fade away with a short animation, and sometimes the same menu disappears instantly


      Possible workaround... maybe:

      (a little bit better but the lag is still there occasionally)


      My usual technique is

      - click to open menu (including release mouse button)

      - move to menu item

      - click on menu (including release mouse button)


      Alternative workflow

      - mouse down to open menu (and keep mouse button down)

      - move mouse pointer to menu item

      - release mouse button