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    Large images not showing when zoomed in in the library module


      Since the past 2 upgrades of Lightroom  Classic CC (currently 7.3) I have had an issue where my large panorama images do not display if I zoom in to 1:1 or 1:2. They do zoom if I am in the develop module. In the library module I just get a black viewing area. I do large stitched panoramas and it seems to be an issue when the file size is approaching 500 MB. This is happening with raw and TIFF images.  Seems like a bug.

      Also vesion 7.3 seems to be running much slower.

      Thank you,

      Curtis Essen



      System info:

      Lightroom Classic version: 7.3 [ 1164630 ]
      License: Creative Cloud
      Language setting: en
      Operating system: Windows 10 - Business Edition
      Version: 10.0.16299
      Application architecture: x64
      System architecture: x64
      Logical processor count: 12
      Processor speed: 3.5 GHz
      Built-in memory: 32591.8 MB
      Real memory available to Lightroom: 32591.8 MB
      Real memory used by Lightroom: 7290.1 MB (22.3%)
      Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 8021.6 MB
      GDI objects count: 828
      USER objects count: 3227
      Process handles count: 2063
      Memory cache size: 5760.9MB
      Internal Camera Raw revision: 933
      Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 5
      Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX,AVX2
      Camera Raw virtual memory: 4014MB / 16295MB (24%)
      Camera Raw real memory: 4023MB / 32591MB (12%)
      System DPI setting: 120 DPI
      Desktop composition enabled: Yes
      Displays: 1) 2560x1440, 2) 1680x1050
      Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No

      Graphics Processor Info:
      DirectX: NVIDIA Quadro K620 (