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    Anyone found a stable version of Premiere or considering switching?

    Corey_Cheney Level 1

      Sorry for the rather down on adobe post (ie rant), but I am getting kinda fed up with their stability issues that seem to go un-addressed. I am currently using cc2017, because cc2018 has render errors, program monitor blackouts, gpu render errors, cpu render errors, mp4 files suddenly losing audio tracks, etc. However, CC2017 has its own share of problems with being very slow to load, laggy program monitor, freezing, crashing etc. I am really struggling with lots of random errors that adobe support "fixes" by deleting cache files or turning off CUDA acceleration which then reappear in 2-3 hours. So with all the stability issues I have been having with premiere pro and after effects recently and the prior 2 releases I am wondering if anyone has found a sweet spot for a stable version that they use in day to day editing (I am up for going back to cc2015/6/cs)? Or are there some actual fixes I should look at besides deleting the cache files again? Maybe a best practices for troubleshooting general stability problems? Also, these problems aren't specific to one project or one machine (1 intel cpu and 1 amd cpu). By the way, I pay $50 per month for this software and I am beginning to question why I bother.


      -A frustrated editor who has gotten little sleep or work done because the software isn't stable.


      By the way, anyone have another editing program they recommend (Avid looks pretty nice)?


      System Specs

      Windows 10

      Ryzen 7 1700x

      32 GB ddr4

      GTX 1080

      AMD R7 370 (because opencl works better for some things)

      SSD system and program drive

      HDD Cache Drive

      G-Raid Editing Drive in Raid 0 (it's backed up, don't worry)