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    mouse cursor disappears on external monitor




      I've been searching for hours but I can't find anybody who has this very specific bug;

      my cursor disappears when it get's below a certain size.

      no not the capslock thing.

      actually when I push capslock I do get the precise brush thing, so that sort of works for now, but I use photoshop mainly for drawing so I really need to see how big my brush is.

      the bug only happens on my external monitor and it isn't caused by the size of the brush per se, but by how small it has to be displayed on the screen.

      let me explain: if I make my brush very small, it disapears,

      but if I zoom in it reappears again.

      so it is some sort of display bug.

      and the fact that it only happens on my external display must mean something.


      it's really weird and I've never encountered it before.

      did multiple restarts and everything is updated.

      I feel really silly that I just can't seem to fix this.


      thanks to anyone who can help me!