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    Using a selection with Match Colors

    southwestform Level 1

      I'm using Match Color to match the colors from a layer composited into another photo. The source photo has a lot going on so I think Match Color is getting confused by the background and foreground elements in it. I made a selection on the source image, though when I go to Match Color, it is not working as expected. I only want the selection to be used to create a sample of the colors/light values to calculate, so I check ignore selection when applying adjustment, I also have use selection in source to calculate colors checked, and I have use selection in Target to calculate adjustment. Is this correct?



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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          It's hard to follow exactly what you are doing. Can you share some screen captures of the image and explain what you are trying to select in it? We might be able to suggest some other techniques.

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            norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            If you have ever had consistent success with Match Color, I salute you.

            For example, I duplicated an image and changed Spring to Fall.

            Fig 1 is the original image

            Fig 2 is the reference image. The goal was to make Fig 1 closely match Fig 2.

            Fig 3 is the Match Color result

            Fig 4 is a duplicate of Fig 2, the reference image

            I also made a selection of the top part of the reference image and placed it on a separate layer, to reduce color variety.

            Did the same with the original image.

            The result was far worse.

            This boils down to a recommendation: before you rely on Match Color, try a few tests similar to this and draw your own conclusion. It is worth your time.

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