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    Moving photos and Catalogs LR Classic

    Sherry Ferrante

      We have LR Classic 2018 & PS CC 2018 on Windows 10 computer. The drive is 2TB. Photos use 320GB on that drive as default folder with catalogs. We want to replace this 2TB SATA drive with 512GB SSD. Want to clone from 2TB SATA to 512GB SSD but size of photo file used by LR & PS is too large. Want to have Windows 10 with programs running from SSD and all other data (photos, etc.) stored on the 2TB SATA drive. Since catalogs and photos are on 2 TB drive now, how do we temporarily migrate photos and catalogs as default in LR-PS to perhaps a 4TB external drive. Now when we clone from 2TB SATA to 512GB SSD, the photos don't go over. Then we would like to migrate that newly setup photo folder and catalog from the external 4TB drive to the 2TB SATA drive as the default catalog and photos for LR & PS?