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    Video Import

      I have a long (one hour) video lecture that I would like to put in the sidebar and use something like cuepoints to change the slides as the movie plays. Kind of like the old Microsoft Producer (if anyone remembers that) would let you do. Is this possible with Presenter? Whenever I go to put a video into the sidebar, it wants me to capture a new movie instead of import the movie. My PPT has 90 slides. I would hate to think that I would need to create 90 different video clips (1 for each slide) to get this thing to look and function the way I want it to. Any help would be appreciated.
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          caschen Level 1
          OK, I got the video in the sidebar part, I guess my question is, how can I sync slides to timings in the video. Is it possible?
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            Hi Caschen,

            Discovered an "okay" way to do this, as I understand that synchronizing slide timings to video is not a supported feature in Presenter. If you have an flv file with a timecode, I have been told you can use the timecode in the audio editor. I have not yet been succesful with this, but did duplicate the audio track for my video, import it, and then use the sync feature to get timings right. The video and audio should sync up if it is a duplicate file. You can then mute audio playback in the video tab.

            It's a little confusing, and has drawbacks like large file size and the possibility that audio and video can get out of sync if the viewer manipulate playback controls. I would love to hear ways to improve this process.