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    Lightroom CC Classic Crashes with Music & Vertical Images

    gwynnew35382903 Level 1

      I have a new computer - windows 10 with the latest version of LR CC Classic.  I couldn't get slideshows to work on my old computer, but I had high hopes with my new computer, however it doesn't work.  I can create a slideshow without music now, however when I select music to add, LR abruptly crashes with no warning once I select the MP3 file to add.


      Now I read somewhere that there is a problem when you have both horizontal and vertical files.  So, I tried horizontal only - with the a subset of the same images, same music, and low and behold it works.   However I am a (professional) photographer and I create slide shows with both horizontal and vertical images.


      Has anyone found a fix for this problem?  Is there any way to reach a human at Adobe to speak with?  They seem to put up so many walls to interacting with people.  It's very frustrating.  I also started with a clean preferences, rather than import my old ones just in case that was causing the problem


      Help please.  I need this capability for my clients!