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    Lightroom Classic 7.3 crashes

      Lightroom Version
      LR Classic 7.3
      Operating System
      Windows 10

      I have now had two instances in the last 2 days in which LR classic 7.3 has crashed, or hung up ( a better description).


      I cannot even come close to a guessing at a cause or even commonality.
      In both cases I had been editing for a while, and had been passing files back and forth to Photoshop.
      All was working smoothly and quickly. I also had Chrome running. And I left LR & PS running with no immediate issues. I was back and forth a lot.
      When I returned at one point to LR, it was hung.


      It seemed to occur (as I recall at least once) after I had left LR in an idle state, after exporting a file, followed by a upload of the same file to photo site.
      And this was not necessarily the first and only time I did this.
      Perhaps the only common thing was that PS had a tiff open that it had saved back into LR.


      I had to use task manager stop LR.
      LR restarted with no apparent loss of information.


      I was doing nothing that I had not done in LR Classic 7.2


      A minor irritation in the grand scheme of things.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi jimmsp,


          Sorry that the Lightroom Classic CC is crashing and freezing frequently after the 7.3 update.


          We've seen many reports of crashes from other users as well but the cause of the app crash is not common. However, we've filed in a bug and are investigating the crash reports provided by the users. I'd request you to please submit your crash report as mentioned in this article: Submit a crash report for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
          This will help us diagnose the issue as our Engineers are looking into this problem.




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            aarons3166988 Level 1

            i have the same issue

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              JLCKJC2015 Level 1

              I have the same issue, the LR CC application hangs with the OS rotating lifesaver in view. I am running LR Classic version 7.3.1. in a Win 7 Pro 64 bit OS. I cannot send a crash report--none is generated. I checked the Adobe registry setting to be sure crash reporting was enabled--it was. So far I have not been able to identify a repeatable sequence of actions to cause the crash. The only way to terminate the application is by invoking the Task Manager and terminating it there. So far when this happens I have not lost any work but my confidence has been shaken by these recent crashes.