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    Type with different color puzzle pieces

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      Hi everyone!


      I'm trying to make a line of type be made out of different colored puzzle pieces.  The line of text would not be with broken puzzle pieces.  The outside edge I want clean and shaped like the font but filled in with each fitted piece of puzzle and each piece a separate color.  It's for Autism Awareness with those brightly colored puzzle pieces but fit together.......(within each letter of the type


      I have a puzzle piece brush but not sure how to use it and then use a clipping mask of the type layer to define the colored pieces within it???  But really don't know how to do it... The puzzle pieces picture is just for color reference. Thank you for any and all suggestions!!!!! - Garry

      Puzzle pieces and brush.pngType layer in Photoshop.pngJust a screen shot  of the layers panel.png