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    Premier Pro CC Won't Properly Import Elgato MP4's. After Recent Update

    Memnoch Level 1



      I paused my video editing this morning to update to the latest version of Premier Pro, I think think's 12.01. I don't know, I've since had to reinstall the previous version.


      It seems that after the update, premier will import my Eglato Game capture's MP4 video but it imports it as I 1 second video. I tried to add other videos, and they imported fine. But, non of my previously captured game footage imports properly.


      I went back to the previous version of premier and those videos import just fine. However, after completing my editing, I exported the video to Media Encoder for rendering. All seemed well, I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. My gamer intro plays and my watermark plays and the audio also plays, but the rest of the screen is just a blank, black background. Basically, the game footage isn't there. I will link to the video below. (if that's allowed.)

      So whatever was done in this latest update seems to have effected the media encoder too.


      Hopefully, there's a simple fix for this.


      Thanks for you time.



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