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    "Unknown host. Contribute could not fnd the server..."

    Stewart Design Level 1
      I am having a frustrating problem. We changed our home page from index.html to index.shtml. In Contribute, I was able to change the default home page for administrators and publishers to index.shtml, which cleared up the problem I had been having of accessing the home page as an administrator. But when I sent my client a new contribute key (he has Publisher privileges), it bombs out on him with the error message:

      "Unknown host. Contribute could not find the server "ftp.myclient'sURL.com". Please check your connection information or contact an administrator."

      He has rebooted and restarted Contribute a couple of times. We even tried to manually install a new key, but nothing is working. Why would he be locked out? Could it have to do with firewall settings or something like that?

      This worked fine before we changed the home page from index.html to index.shtml.