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    action to batch export image and multiple sizes?




      I'm looking for help to create a PS droplet I can activate from LR which will take a folder of images I've exported from LR into PS, where PS then opens, resizes, saves and closes each image in the folder at three different sizes while adding a suffix.


      It appears 'export all' can't be used in an action and I'm not sure how to deal with the suffixes without PS renaming all the source files to the one I happened to use in the recording process when using 'image size' and 'save as' instead.


      Thoughts?  Thanks!




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          Download Image Processor Pro from the web.  The script is a Photoshop Plug-in it supports being recorded in and action.   You can most likely record an action to do what you want to do.  Then create a droplet with Photoshop using that action.  I have not used Droplets in years and I don't user Lightroon for it do not support layers.   As far as I know Droplets start Photoshop when files are dropped on the droplet.  As I do use LR I do not know how you can get LR to drop files on a droplet.


          The Image Processor pro will not rename or change your sources image files. However it will create all the output image files you need the size you need named a way you want then named and saved where you want them saved.  


          The Image Processor can easily process a folder of image files. It very flexible and easy to use.



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