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    lightroom classic cc [Constant crashing. Adobe tech support unable to fix it.]


      I have had lightroom classic cc on my computer now since december 2017. The program has never worked since the first install. I have been on tech support for many hours trying to get them to solve my crashing issues. The program crashes , i dont even have to use it , just having it open on the desktop it will crash. I cannot even use the program and i have to pay monthly for it lol, what a joke adobe. It is not my gpu, The gpu was turned off, problem still occurs. Yes adobe has tried to fix it several times and can not . As far as i am concerned I should be getting a rebate for being supplied with incomplete creative cloud programs. I thought if i waited that maybe a simple update would fix it , and no that didnt work.


      How many hours on tech support does a person have to spend in his life? How a pro photographer uses this program for their job I will never know. I personally would never upgrade to another plan through adobe or buy any more of their software. After 30 years of using a computer this program is the only one ever that has not been able to be fixed by tech support , and no other program has ever did this on my computer.I feel that adobe has very few competent tech support people or this issue would have been fixed. I have dealt with at least three different tech support people. I feel like i have been ripped off on this lightroom classic cc as I have been sold a program that doesnt even work. At this point I dont believe that adobe can fix it . Because of this adobe would get nothing but bad reviews from me. Each time I got off the phone I was told , oh no the program wont crash anymore, that was a lie, because it does still crash months later, and after updating. Is it normal for a software company to sell unusable software?