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    Adobe Remote Support has left my PC as a chunk of metal...


      My wife has been experiencing issues launching Adobe Premier Pro ever since she updated it a few weeks ago.  I began troubleshooting the issue then but because of my limited time it has dragged out and she has been unable to use a program that we pay monthly for.

      Background on the PC:  I built it from scratch 1 year ago. Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, Intel I5, Geforce 1060 6BG, complete with 4k monitor.  All hardware installed by me, all software installed & maintained by me.


      I followed various threads on this forum and eventually was able to get Premier Pro (PP) to launch. For a total of 4 days before the issue popped back up.  That's when my wife, trying to help, got on screen sharing with Adobe support while I was away at the office. I asked that she not do it because I was afraid of what might happen....and my worst fears came true.

      After 5 hours I come home and find that my PC has been completely wiped of any custom settings. My graphics card drivers are not only not being utilized, but are uninstalled. The only reason the madness stopped is because he managed to uninstall, or disable, or remove ALL NETWORK DRIVERS OR ADAPTERS!!!  I am currently hardwired to my network but cannot get on the internet due to this. (I'm on a work computer now...) Thank goodness this happened or who knows what damage he would have continued to cause.

      He did not even create a system restore point!  I can't even go back!!!  Basically, I am left with my expensive custom PC that has been reduced to an operating system, mouse, & keyboard. And I have been left to rebuild the software myself.


      I am floored that any repetitiveness of Adobe would do this to an unsuspecting customer. I am not your average customer and happen to be knowledgeable on the computer.  But their average client probably isn't and if I wasn't in the picture my wife would have had to pay an IT company to come out and repair the PC. Even if Adobe offered to remote in and set it back up...  That would require someone to come repair the drivers on this PC to a point where it can connect to the internet again!! (Not that I will ever allow Adobe to touch a PC of mine ever again)

      To make matters worse, I call tech support (admittedly I was hot to the point of steam coming out of my ears at the thought of the hours it was going to take me to even begin to get this computer functioning again) and I get a fellow from India that barely speaks English. After loudly explaining the situation (being sure he know that I was not upset with HIM, but that I was livid with Adobe) he asked for my login information.  After 2-3 attemps at spelling and saying my login information I gave up and told him I would need to call back once I cooled off. He couldn't understand me or figure out what I was saying even after spelling it out. Ah!!


      I don't even know what I am looking for here by posting this.  Funny thing is...  The program opens now!  But... the default graphics card on the motherboard isn't beefy enough to even run the program so it freaks out...but the other issue that was causing it to fail to boot is seemingly..."resolved"  HAHA!

      So... Where do I send the bill for the hours its going to take me just to get a functioning PC back?  Who do I need to talk to to get a refund of my monthly fees for a program that doesn't work?


      I have posted some screen shots (actually, pictures from my phone because... No network on the PC to share photos!!) of the state that my PC was left in.



      Resolution skewed, and.... A COMPLETELY NEW USER PROFILE?!?!?!?! Who gave you permission to do that?!?



      Computer Resolution messed up, now my view settings look like Windows 95. Notice no network driver running in the lower right hand corner.



      No Network adapters period. (no, computer is not in safe mode)



      1060 Graphics card not even listed.  Driver not on PC anymore period.



      Surely he created a restore point before changing SO MANY THINGS on a completely custom machine?!  Surely!! 

      Oh wait...  that's broken too....



      ADOBE, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO WITH THIS CHUNK OF METAL YOUR TECH LEFT ME WITH?!  So far this has cost me 4 hours. Which I normally bill out my time at about $175/hour.  Not to mention 4 weeks of lost work and productivity from the program not working. My wife and I both work on this PC and now I am unable to work this weekend which is going to cost me hundreds of dollars in lost productivity.  So I ask again...  What would you have me do?!?

      So far, I put this problem at around $2000-$4000 cost to my wife and I combined.


      The frustrating thing is: I get that updates sometimes break programs.  And I was working through the issues of the program not booting correctly and would not have made a stink about it other than it being mildly frustrating.  But now we have taken collosal leaps backwards and your tech has cost me thousands of dollars because for some reason they thought it was a good idea to uninstall the very drivers that allow adobe to function at all (explain that one.... ha!).


      So I ask again, What would you have me do now?!


      Very Frustrated, dwindling supporter of Adobe,

      Ian Shaw