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    Problemas guardar jpg en alta resolución


      Buenas tardes. Espero que me puedan ayudar. Quiero guardar un archivo que en tamaño de imagen tiene 300 dpi y un peso de 7,8 MB y cuando doy a guardar como jpg, me baja automáticamente la resolución a 72 dpi y un peso de 400 KB. No me aparece con la calidad original. Así que sólo me deja guardar archivos en baja resolución. ¿Cuál es la razón de ello y cómo puedo solucionarlo? Muchas gracias. Un saludo.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use a regular "Save As" - not "Export" or "Save For Web".


          What are the pixel dimensions of the file? The jpeg format uses data compression to dramatically reduce file size in kB/MB. The final file size depends on image content and compression level.


          The pixels per inch number (it's ppi, not dpi by the way), has no relevance for file quality. It's a print parameter for deciding how thinly to spread your pixels out on paper, thus determining how big it will print. The file itself is not affected by that.

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            EAM93327393 Level 1

            Thank you very much for your answer. I'm using "Save as" but it's not working as it should be.


            The pixel dimensions of the file are 1650 px x 1650 px. It's strange because my MAC save the document reducing dramatically the size of the archive. I can't save any document with more than 1 MB.  When I open this archive with my photoshop, now still having high resolution, but If I upload it to a webdite for printing, the image is pixelated. I don't know why.


            Maybe, what I've learnt is not right. I learnt that a small size of the archive in KB means low resolution.


            With DPI, I was saying Dots Per  Inch   .


            thank you for your help. Kind regards.