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    Deleting 'Warning Messages' - "Text frame....

    Montgal_NYC Level 1

      When creating my site, I used the Edge Web Font - Bebas Neve Regular. Then, i applied the bold attribute to the font. However, when in Preview mode, I get the following warning:


      Text frame on page 'Home' (with text 'Subscribe to either...') uses an unsupported variation 'Bold' on an Edge Web Font named 'Bebas Neve Regular'. 'Bold' will be simulated.


      Instead of fighting with Muse of using Web fonts (because using their variations such as Bold, italic or even regular will not work), I decided to switch ALL Bebas Neve fonts to Standard Fonts (with Fallback) fonts. However, when going into Preview mode, I still get the warning message that I am using the Bebas Neve Regular font for various sections of my site. I did delete the Cache the Preview browser, figuring that would solve the problem.


      Any thoughts or suggestions.



      Alphonso Montgomery