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    Lightroom classic CC - when it just won't import video files

    Dan12343312312 Level 1

      I'm getting quite frustrated with the seeming inability of Lightroom Classic to import video files from any source. Fails with Nikon, iphone and Olympus video files, all of which play fine elsewhere (e.g. Quicktime). The same problem on an imac with a massive lightroom library, and a macbook pro with a clean install and tiny library. Have cleared the video cache and turned off graphics card acceleration. Doesn't matter if I import directly from the camera, a card, or copy it into an empty folder on the laptop and import from that. Nothing seems to work.


      Screenshot 2018-04-07 18.58.41.png

      Always get the helpful "there is a problem with the video file" error.


      Has anyone been able to resolve this?


      Many thanks,