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    New Release of Premiere Pro Won't Open Project

    dgfitzpat1117 Level 1

      I first get the normal "This project was saved from a previous version of Adobe Premiere Pro and must be converted...."  when I open a project in the new version 12.1.


      In the Location box of this same dialogue box, it has \\?\W:\   I don't know what this is but the normal drive is simply W:


      When I click on "OK", I get the message "You do not have write access to this directory.  Please choose a new location to save the file."  I then browse to my W: drive, click on "select folder" but when I go back to the original dialogue (Convert Project), \\?\W:\ is still there in the location box.


      I have been successfully working on this project for weeks on the W: drive and now all of a sudden in going to the 12.1 version, Premiere Pro refers to it as \\?\W:\


      How can I solve this problem?


      P. I turned off my virus checker and that made no difference.