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    Photoshop brush stroke moving canvas?

    AlexisNaquel Level 1

      Hello all, whenever I try to make a brush stroke in Photoshop CC 2018, it moves my canvas as though I'm using the hand tool rather than actually putting down a brush stroke. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Intuos3 tablet drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop with all of my preferences removed, I've tried resetting my tools to see if that would have any effect and have had absolutely ZERO luck.


      I did a test run with Krita to make sure it wasn't a tablet issue and my brush strokes worked 100% fine in that program, so I think this is a Photoshop specific problem. If anyone has any pointers, please, please, please, help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is an issue that only recently came up and I haven't the slightest idea why it might be happening.



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