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    Localization issue: adding strings to locale swfs

      We are currently building an application that hosts flex modules within an ASPX application. We have a "homepage" that allows users to configure which dialogs (we call them widgets) will show on their homepage. At this point, we have had one resource bundle (.properties file) that we have used for all of the strings. We compile these resource bundles in the locale swfs for each of the 8 langauges we support.

      The twist is that we also allow customers to write "custom widgets" in Flex that they can add to the homepage if they so desire. It sounds like they could create a custom .properties file which would allow us to create a seperate resource bundle for the strings for their dialog. But then would the en-us.swf have to be recreated to include their bundle in the overall swf? If so, wouldn't the client have to have our "standard app" .properties file to make one cumulative en-us.swf?

      Or can you have multiple locale swfs for different dialigs (ie Standard.us-en.swf and Custom.us-en.swf)? That way our standard strings stay seperate, but the client can still add their own?

      Anyone have any thoughts?