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    Some actions will not work

    jeremye69274268 Level 1

      I recorded actions to turn on a layer, Save As JPEG, turn off that layer and turn on another layer and so on. Here's an example:


      Show layer "Light Gray"


      Hide layer "Light Gray"

      Show layer "Red"


      Hide layer "Red"

      Show layer "Blue"


      Hide layer "Blue"


      When I run this action it saves three files as expected but it does not show each layer in the saved files. In the example above, the red and blue save but I cannot get the light gray layer to show up in the saved file. I've even tried to create an action with only Show layer "Light Gray" and that doesn't even work. If I record the EXACT same action to show layer but choose the red or blue layer it works perfectly. I have 35 different color layers that I need to save and 23 out of 35 layers are not saving correctly. As far as I can tell there is no difference between a working layer vs a non-working layer in the actions.


      Any ideas? I'm using Photoshop CC 2018 on a Mac with High Sierra.