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    'Reveal in Project' Command not working from Timeline clips


      Hi there, I just upgraded to the very latest 2018 update of Premiere Pro CC and I'm having two issues that I can't seem to solve.

      The main issue is the following:


      1) When right-clicking on a clip in the timeline, I click on the 'Reveal in Project' command but nothing happens. I'm using the standard workspace configuration

      but the Reveal command seems to have no effect in the window.



      2) With the update, when I make changes to the Workspace (selection) bar at the top, the choices don't seem to carry over to the next time the project is opened.

      (All of the Workspace titles reappear in their initial default positions even though I have moved some to the 'Overflow' or 'Do Not Show' positions).


      Thanks very much for any help!


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