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    Problems with LR CC 7.3 update

    J Hud Level 1

      Is anyone else having problems with this update?  after a very short time, everything just comes crashing down.  The develop module stops responding and then starts again and then stops responding.  Can't run the brush because it arbritarily makes lines wherever I have been point to point.  Since the last issue, I have gotten a brand new gaming computer set-up with lots of ram and disc space and a late model video card (Nvideo GTX 1070).  This program is going to drive me batty.  How can an old computer with an old video card perform 1000% better than this one.  I think the update is FUBAR!  and I would really appreciate it if Adobe would address this with me.  Here is a screen shot of the random line that just appear out of nowhere.

      All I am doing is masking out the area to be darkened with the brush and after just a short time, everything gets erratic and starts shutting down.  I tried shutting the Graphics card off and that didn't help anything out. I will see if there is an update for this card, but there is something wrong here.