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    The sound of stutter! Premiere Pro audio stutter due to too many Audio Plugins?


      Dear fellow Premiere users,


      this is my first time posting here so thanks in advance for any help with my issue!


      I am using Premiere Pro on a daily basis (MacPro late 2013 „trashcan“, 64GB, AMD500, 1TB SSD), mostly editing Sony SLog-3 Footage from my FS5 / FS7. On smaller projects (3-5 minutes), I prefer not to use Audition for my audio work and just stick with premiere for convenience.


      My track mixer is set up as shown in the picture attached. Every dialog track uses iZotope RX Voice Denoise + iZotope Neutron 2. The one SFX track uses an instance of iZotope Alloy (simple compressor) and the master has an instance of iZotope Ozone set up for a gentle finishing touch. There is no external hardware nor complex routing involved.


      Now set up like that, I get the following symptoms:


      - audio stuttering, jumping back and forward for a couple of frames while attempting to play back.


      - no audio sync, no proper audio rendering possible.


      - audio generally does not play back fluently.


      BUT! Here comes the fun part:


      - CPU on the Mac is at 13%, Memory at 23%.


      - no sign of any stress on the computer at all.


      - altering the audio buffer size does change the „sound of the stutter“ but does not solve the problem.


      - bypassing all plugins does solve the problem.


      - the problem does not appear until 6 or more plugins are activated, below that number it does play perfectly.


      - process usage of Premiere (Mac activity monitor) jumps to 112% when playing back with all plugins activated (hence while stuttering).


      - process usage of Premiere (Mac activity monitor) jumps to 170% when playing back without plugins (hence while it plays without the stutter).


      - using the plugins as AU / VST or as a combination of both does not solve the problem.


      So here we are… I would be so thankful if anyone could help me getting this thing to play back without stuttering audio / jumping back frames.


      Is fluent playback possible after all, given that I am using so many plugins in the mix?


      Thanks a lot and all the best from Berlin!


      Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-08 um 18.46.25.png