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    import problems please help !


      Hi All

      After a shoot i load my shots into lightroom and as they come up on the library module some kind of "preset" is being applied automatically i shoot with my canon cameras with a completely flat profile which appears briefly but then this dissapears as the shot populates into the viewer i dont know why this is happening and its very annoying as i shoot with the flat profile to give me a blank canvas upon which to develop now im left to deal with a very vivid highly contrasted image which i dont want


      can anyone please offer some suggestions ive looked in the import preset box and it is set to none . .


      kind regards


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          dj_paige Level 10

          If you are shooting RAW photos, this is normal and proper behavior for Lightroom, it displays the embedded preview in the image file for a few seconds, and then after it has time to generate it's own rendering of your RAW photos, it shows the essentially flat view of the image.


          There is no way to turn this off.


          If you want Lightroom to show a "less flat" view of the image, you can apply your own preset at the time of import to change the image, for example, change the contrast and saturation to positive numbers, or to whatever else pleases you.

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