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    Lightroom crashing on startup with update 7.3


      Hi All,


      Having issues with LR Classic.  I did the update to 7.3 and it was working initially but, suddenly it started to crash on startup.  While the application is loading, the 'report issue to adobe' pop-up appears. The application can actually still be used but, once I click 'send' or, 'do not send' info to Adobe, it causes the program to force quit.


      This issue first happened when I was trying to import images from my SD card but, I have since tried the following steps:


      - Deleted the .lock file, for catalogue.

      - Started with alt+shift to reset prefs.

      - Created and loaded a new Catalogue file.

      - Disabled all third party windows services.

      - Tested in safe mode with networking.

      - Re-installed LR.

      - Un-installed entire CC suite, include folders and reg settings.

      - Re-installed Lightroom 7.3 only.


      Nothing has worked.  I reverted back to 7.2 which, so far has not crashed.


      Is anyone else being affected by this?  My system is an Alienware M17xR4, 12GB RAM, running Windows 10 64 LTSB.