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    calling and re-calling with httpservice

      Here is a strange thing I ran into today. I have a program which queries a DB through an aspx script called with httpservice. A user clicks on a name, the query runs, and populates a form with data from the database. The user can then edit the information and submit the form to another script which makes changes to the DB. That is all working except that when the user clicks on the same name again, the old information is returned. I have verified that the DB is being altered with the submit script. If I close the application and reopen it and select the user again, then the modified data is there. Is there something I am missing the httpservice call? I've tried setting the array used for the result data to null. I even put just a text field on the page and printed the results of the query to it. It shows the old data too. It seems like it's not actually running the query again like it should, but rather taking the values from some place in memory until I close the app and reopen it. Any ideas?

      Relevant parts of my code are posted.