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    Highlighted Search Results and Drop Down Text

      We are running RoboHelp 7 to generate Webhelp and are looking at enabling the Highligh Search Results feature. We use a fair amount of drop-down text, and if the search finds a word that matches your search word(s) in the drop-down text in a topic, it adds that topic to the search results list. However, because the word is in a drop-down within the topic, on first glance, it looks like the topic is displaying with no search results that are highlighted. As a user I would think, "Huh, well, I guess that my word really isn't in this topic."

      My question and wish is this. Is there a way for those topics that have the word that matches your search in a drop-down section of the topic to display with the drop-down text expanded when it's displayed by clicking the topic name in the search results list? I'm guessing not, but I thought I'd throw the question out there just in case. We aren't using ZoomSearch or anything like that.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Your help is always appreciated!
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          Hi Hkrein,

          If we have the text expanded in a topic, then the purpose of having hotspot functionality will be defeated. What about indexing the words in the drop-down text? Have you tried that option?

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            Why post this question a second time, did you not like my first answer? :-)

            I think when the topic is opened in response to a search, then having dropdowns opened to show the location of that search is a needed feature. It is very different to opening a topic from the TOC. Also sometimes you want to point to some information that for some reason you otherwise want in a dropdown. Then autoexpanding that is regularly requested, that can be done as described on my site.


            Sorry but I am missing how indexing the words would overcome the original problem. Keywords only point to topics, not a spot in a topic, and the topic would still open without the dropdown being expanded.