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    Lightroom Classic CC - Converting presets to XMP failed!

    carlosd60256348 Level 1

      It only converted a small portion of my presets (I have hundreds and many are custom made).


      I have tried restarting several times and still the other presets are not converted which means they are not available in 7.3


      It even deleted most of my presets. Luckily I had a backup. I tried uninstalling 7.3. Reinstalled 7.2 then back to 7.3 and still same crap.


      Hey Adobe programers and Adobe project managers:


      Do you even know what you are doing any more?

      Do you even understand how to write software?


      Each time you update Lightroom you have managed to make it worse and with more bugs!


      Cant wait for a new editing platform to come along so we can ditch ADOBE!