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    Where to save mobile catalog?


      I decided to want to sync all my photos between my Imac, Macbook and iPhone. Got online and watched some tutorials. Was suggested I save the catalog to the Creative Cloud Files folder in the Finder.


      This seems to have worked to sync between my Imac and phone. Issue is that when I try to load this to my Macbook the files don't seem to show in the Creative Cloud Files folder?


      I see that errors show in the Adobe Cloud widget but no way to resolve or reset the issue.


      Does anyone have suggestions for where to store the mobile (synced) Catalog? Is using the Creative Cloud Files folder good, or maybe should I try Google Drive?


      Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Tscandy,


          Could you please make sure that you are signed into the Creative Cloud application on the macbook with the same Adobe ID?


          Also, in the Creative Cloud app, go to Assets on top then choose Files and make sure that the sync is not paused on the macbook.



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