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    Closed caption background

    matiass76134700 Level 1

      Hi everybody!


      My problem is with closed captions. Caption background is black with opaque and then it changes suddenly to transparent and I cant change it to black or anything else.

      Below is two screen captures what happens in that same caption footage.

      Im using CEA-708, service 1 format.


      Thanks for your help.



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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Sorry about this, Matias. Please file this issue here: Premiere Pro: Hot (898 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps



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            bobb7481782 Level 1

            i have this same problem  did you ever figure this out???? bob

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              matiass76134700 Level 1

              No. I think only way around this is start new caption when this appear.

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                CBavin Level 1

                No Bob. I ended up punting the SCC file. I use a third party transciption software, InqScribe. Through this, I am able to upload an MP4 of the video and a copy of the script. Go thru and stamp the timecode for each caption; by setting the margins to 26 characters wide it helps you see how big a line to create or how to break up the text. Then, I export an SRT file and bring that back into premiere. (be sure to follow InqScribe's export procedures to get the proper file) From there, I could fine tune the in/outs of each caption in Premiere.  The only big issue that I then encountered was the changing of size of the captions - it jumped all of a sudden from HD standards (1920x1080) to SD standards (720x486) not immediately, but a day or so later when I re-opened the file. Yet another bug in Premiere. This took 4 hours to resolve and tech support had no idea how to fix. After another hour of noodling around, I right clicked on the SRT file, hit "modify", drop down to captions, and change the size back to HD Standards. Then, had to go and change the font size on every single caption from like 160px down to 40px. It was a huge pain!!! There's no way to apply to all from what I can see; really unbelievable.  And this happened to 5 video sequences. Now I'm hoping that it's all fixed and good to go for final outputs upon client approval. We'll see.  Good luck!