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    Dear GAWD Anyone please Help. 4 Hrs gone photoshop is killing me!!

    charlesd65379012 Level 1

      If anyone could please help me it would be a god send ive been jacking around for over 4 hours and im no closer to solving my problems than when i first started even after watching 30 tutorials.

      Problem #1

      I dont seam to have any problems cutting out photos however no matter what i do when i drop  a background photo on top of my person they wont merge. Ive seen it done 100 times on You tube take a person drop a background boom no problem. It seams like with most people when they drop a background it merges no problem and the thumbnail icon is just of there background. But whenever i drop a background over a picture and then hit place my thumbnail of my background has what looks like a little folder in the lower right hand corner. And ive tried 100 different combinations but my subject never overlays my background at best its stuck behind the background.


      Problem #2

      Like i said previously i dont have much problem using pen tool option to cut out photos. However when i go to select and mask and attempt to smooth the edges i get nothing. Ive watched a thousand different videos and it seams like every time  they hit view they get a variety of colored pictures i get none. Black and white ,red.Me? Onion skin empty. marching ants,overlay and on black are all just the picture im attempting to change with no colors but the original colors of the picture. So i gave up on that.

      So then i tried the option of holding holding the shift key and hitting select and mask which did bring up what im assuming presumably is the old refine edge box which did nothing for me. So i went to the refine edge tool just like ive seen in one million tutorials. They hit the little brush and go to the picture and immediately start cleaning it up. I hit the brush and every time no matter doesnt matter if i hit smart radius,smooth feather anything when i go to the picture i get " Could Not Complete Your Request Because There Is NO Selection To Refine.Make An Inital Selection Before Using The Refine Edge Brush Tool. OMG nothing on earth should be this hard.Dear God can anyone please help me and bless you in advance.