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    Keywords / Metadata (sometimes) not being displayed




      I recently "upgraded" from Lightroom v6 to Lightroom Classic CC v7.2. I've had nothing but trouble since the upgrade.


      The main problem of many is that when I select an image, the Keywording panel simply displays "Working...", sometimes returning between 1 to 10  minutes later with the correct keywords, but usually never returning at all.



      The problem seems to be intermittent, but will usually happen after the program has been running for about 20 minutes, and will happen even if nothing has been done since starting the program.


      Restarting the program will solve the problem briefly, but is obviously not a great solution as it severely disrupts my workflow.


      Anyway, has anyone else seen this issue or know how to resolve it?


      My catalogue has around 31000 images and about 15000 keywords, and I'm running on a 2010 iMac with 12Gb RAM, 3.2 GHz i3 processor and macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.


      Thanks in advance for any help...