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    Re: Fraudulent Charges !




      I have had a similar disappointing experience with Adobe Stock recently.


      Signed up for a free 30 day trial to an apparently month-to-month subscription > downloaded 1 image in the first 3 months (paid $39 each for the other 2 months) > cancelled my subscription thinking it can be cancelled anytime but was charged an additional $178 at a 50% cancellation fee for the remainder of the contract.


      How is this not deceiving customers and doing fraud Adobe? I have just read through the forums and this has been happening for years and has happened to so many customers.


      I opened a ticket and support said that they will contact me before the $178 payment would be taken from my account, but guess what...the payment has already gone through and you have closed my ticket without even resolving the issue.


      This is straight fraud and I don't know how you guys are getting away with this, I guess being big company comes with big lawyers.


      So disappointing and has left me with a bad experience with Adobe as a whole. Long time user here but would hate to use your products now.


      I would like a refund of the $178 cancellation fee.