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    No Trapping of Keystrokes in Recording

    DTL71 Level 1
      I am recording assessment and training simulations of a Flash-based application that include text entries; however, none of the keystrokes are recording. In the recording, I see it highlight the text I am deleting and getting ready to type over, but it never traps the typing in of the new text, nor does the recording show the text after I am finished typing. I tried using Print Screen to trap, tried clicking off-screen after typing, tried pressing Tab after typing, tried pressing Enter after typing… and so on - Nothing worked.

      I have never seen this before, but I am guessing it has something to do with the fact that I am recording simulations of a Flash-based application. I have devised an incredibly ugly and time-consuming work-around, but it's so hideous I can't imagine putting my name on any of these.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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          JLRiley Level 1
          What is your goal with the movies you are making? Do you want to test people's knowledge of the entries or help them learn by making entries?

          This may not help but can you go back to the Captivate project and insert your own Text Entry box? Most of the time I end up replacing the text that is captured anyway.

          Reply if you need to know more.