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    Lost synced sequence. How do I recover

    Mau7rice Level 1

      So i use Plural Eyes to sync up cameras and it works pretty good compared to Premier's syncing. I sync cameras in Plural Eyes; export the xml from Plural Eyes to use in Premiere.


      Import the the xml into Premiere which had all rhe references and sync info; this also upon import produces a "Synced Sequence" which is where im doing the multi-cam edit after its enabled. Usually what i do is watch or scrub through the footage and make markers to tell myself where certain rhings happen like where cameras come in and go out, where certain parts of the event start and end so i  can cut to cameras in the multicam  faster and better ect ect.


      Well the problem i ran into was as i was pushing and pressing to get through the 2hr and change multicam, i was done with switching cameras and i was now clipping out the different parts for export later. Well i was about 40%-50% through and saving as i went but somehow i clicked something or dragged something that made me lose the working multicam sequence i was clipping off of. I looked in the camera bins created from the Plural Eyes import, looked in the clips bin i created for the final clips and i also had a Audio bin also from Plural Eyes. I dont see the sequence with my cuts and markers in the project tab anywhere.


      Now the clips/subsequnces i already made from the "Synced Sequence" i can see in them the reference to the Synced Sequence . If i double click the  "Synced Sequence" in any of those it will take me into that symced sequence i cant see in any bin or project tab. So all this is to ask how do i recover my edited multicam ("Synced Sequence") so that it's seperate and apart where i can drag it to the source monitor and continue my clipping of it ?