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    Full screen publishing

    neal2000uk Level 1
      Is there a way of making a projector file open in full screen no matter what the resolution is set to on a monitor i.e without any black border. So a projector file will appear 4x3 on a 4x3 monitor and be stretched out to 16x9 automatically on a 16x9 monitor?? Please Help
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          Level 7
          -- #movie script
          on prepareMovie
          dr = the desktopRectList[1]
          (the stage).rect = dr
          (the stage).drawRect = dr
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            Brian Stew Level 2
            What exactly wo you want to acheive? Is it a single coloured background, go for the method given in 'answer'. If there is a background graphic or even content(!), what would you like to to with it? If you scale the Stage to whatever monitor size the user have the graphic / content may look squashed & stretched depending the monitor being widescreen or 'standard' 4:3.
            I very simple hack I've used myself is to make the Stage really huge, so that it will cover any screen res out there. I design the background graphics so that it will look ok even if it's chopped off on smaller monitors. The thing is that the projector will always open up centered by default. With this in mind you will know that on a widescreen the top and bottom will be chopped off, on a mid size 4:3 monitor it will be chopped off all around etc. The aspect will always be correct, i.e. a square will always look square, not like a rectangle etc. With the huge variation in monitor sizes around, this is as predictable you can get. I center the actual content on a minimum area that I decide, on the huge Stage. This area may be 1024 x 768 for instance. It means that this will be the minimum resolution requiered to view my content. Larger resolutions will display the content relatively smaller but always centered on the screen.
            If you actually want to scale, move and otherwise adapt the content, with for instance a menu bar always sticking to the very top or the very left regardless, this can be done too, but it requires some snappy Lingo (which is entirely feasable) with "the desktopRectList[1]" as the starting point.