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    Searching PDF for words that break onto two lines

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      I am saving a FrameMaker file to PDF and want to search tables in the document for phrases/words that break onto two lines.  However, I can only find the phrase when I search for the part of the phase that is on the first line.  In the attached example, I search for "user subscription charging ty" and find both instances.  If I search for "user subscription charging type", I only find the one instance - the phrase in the second column.  Acrobat seems to add a space when a word breaks onto a second line.


      I need to be able to search for a specific, complete phrase because many of the command parameters break onto two lines and it's a large document with many similar parameters.


      Does anyone know why it's behaving like this and if I can correct it?





      Running FrameMaker 2015 version and Acrobat XI Pro on Windows 7 Pro.

      charging type ss.png