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    Photoshop flyout menus in upgrade


      When I updated my Photoshop CC 2018, suddenly I couldn't see all of my brushes and actions when I click on the cogwheel to show them and choose one. I have hundreds of brushes and actions, and before, when I clicked on the cog to see them all and choose one, they filled my screen and showed them all at once. Now, I get one column with an up and down arrow, and it scrolls very slowly. It takes forever to find a brush, instead of seeing them all at once. And if I want to Restore Default Brushes, I have to scroll all the way back to the beginning. I've gone through all the new upgrade PS notes online, looked through the FAQ's, and the forums and can't find the answer anywhere. It's very frustrating. Does anyone know how I can get back my complete flyout menu for brushes and actions? Thank you!


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          charlotteh19342644 Level 1

          Can anyone help me with this issue? I can't see me being the only one with the problem since updating...

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            My best guess is that Adobe does not consider this a problem.


            I have been looking for months for a solution and yours is the first post I have seen that even addresses the issue. My solution, rather than actually solve the problem is to make a shortcut on my desktop, so I can at least browse my list of brushes.


            Not really a solution, but Adobe does not even seem interested in responding to your post.

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              charlotteh19342644 Level 1

              Thanks! I'm surprised too that no one from Adobe has answered this question, as it is a huge issue for me, and probably for others. A friend suggested I only load some of my brushes, save the rest of them into a separate folder, and when I want to use a brush and look at them all, go to Import, which will take me to my folder with all the brushes. But that is a workaround. I did find that Adobe has now created groups for brushes, and they think that all the brushes should be put into groups and accessed from there. But that would take days of work in my case, and in my mind, not a solution either. I don't want to go back to a previous version but it seems, right now, that's the only solution.

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                jasong11659260 Level 1

                So this is as close as I can get.  I created a shortcut to my brushes folder, and put it on my desktop.  While working in photoshop, I open the folder and double click on the set that I want. Photoshop adds it to the bottom of the list. That's my best solution.