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    Photoshop flyout menus in upgrade

    charlotteh19342644 Level 1

      When I updated my Photoshop CC 2018, suddenly I couldn't see all of my brushes and actions when I click on the cogwheel to show them and choose one. I have hundreds of brushes and actions, and before, when I clicked on the cog to see them all and choose one, they filled my screen and showed them all at once. Now, I get one column with an up and down arrow, and it scrolls very slowly. It takes forever to find a brush, instead of seeing them all at once. And if I want to Restore Default Brushes, I have to scroll all the way back to the beginning. I've gone through all the new upgrade PS notes online, looked through the FAQ's, and the forums and can't find the answer anywhere. It's very frustrating. Does anyone know how I can get back my complete flyout menu for brushes and actions? Thank you!