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    Do not want all images from lightroom mobile to sync back to desktop

    AurtunPhoto Level 1

      I am breaking a sweat trying to find out how on earth I can stop "all photographs" from my mobile devices (ipad/iphone) to sync back to my new sync catalogue on desktop.


      I know how to sync certain collections to mobile devices so that only my preferred collections are available, not my entire catalogue. No problem there.


      The issue I am having is that when I create a new catalogue on my desktop and press "sync", I automatically  download my entire lightroom mobile content to my desktop and hardrive and this messes up my workflow and structure!


      Does anyone have a workaround for this?




      All images from my mobile device that is already organised in folders on my mobile device, is nicely put into the same folders on my desktop, which is good. Problem is, I also have a big mess of images that are not organized and that are just floating around in "all photographs" on my mobile device (and now, unfortunately also on my desktop app) and it is THESE images i do not wish to have cluttering my desktop.


      Please help!