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    Premiere pro 12.1 update - Unable to relink/import mp4 files - a low-level exception occurred in: importerMPEG (importer:39)

    Excuse me Mr. Level 1

      1. Since I installed the new version, the software no longer wants to use the mp4 (H264) files from my original sessions.

      Here is the error when I launch something now:

      "a low-level exception occurred in: importerMPEG (importer:39)"

      When I try to import with the media explorer, only audio can be found in a mp4 file.

      The software is unable to link (and import too) mp4 files; all my proxys files converted before in mp4 to work both with my laptop or my macpro (ElCapitan) are unusable.

      Then, I've tried to relink, restart, delete prefs and cache files, but nothing seems to fix that.

      I used to work with 4k, UHD, HD and mp4 files before 12.1 without problem! So WT... Bug!!


      2. Media Encoder and premiere freeze when I launch more than 10 proxy conversion... WT.... Buuug! round 2!

      I spent the weekend to convert more than 400 files to proxys in QT to fix my project and starting to work again on monday.


      3. On my Laptop premiere cannot be launch after updating... Erasing prefs. cache, etc. fix that, you know why? Because the 12.1 version use old 12.0 folders!!! THERE'S A CONFLICT GUYS


      TOO MANY problems, to many time lost!
      Please help us!!


      Stephane N

      MACPRO / OSX ElCapitan 10.11.6