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    Allowing user to choose language

      I've got a Flash project which is aimed at English learners. However the instructions are more complex than the content so I want the instructions in a language of the users choice dependent on which language they have selected in the front page.

      I have three buttons so far on the front page (flags representing English, Spanish, Chinese) and want the subsequent instructions on future slides to be dynamic text based on this user choice. on the first slide there is some dynamic text (instance name = txt_f1)

      I have the following code on the action layer:

      myLanguage = 0;

      if(_root.myLanguage == 1){
      txt_f1.text = "English instructions";
      if(_root.myLanguage == 2){
      txt_f1.text = "中国语言指令";
      if(_root.myLanguage == 3){
      txt_f1.text = "Instrucciones en español";

      On the buttons (number varies):

      _root.myLanguage = 1;

      But nothing is happening.

      Any help would be appreciated (I'm very new to Flash).

      The files are at http://www.neilballantyne.net/MA/EDES/learningenvironment.html