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    Is there anything like "onload"?

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      I've got a little flex example working here:


      Now, if you view the source (right click) you will notice that there is a
      button called "Get Shipping Options" with a click event that calls,
      "xmlRPC.send();". This is what tells the HTTPService with ID named "xmlRPC"
      to "send()" or activate.

      So now for my question, how do I make the HTTPService kick off without a
      button click or other action performing "xmlRPC.send()"? What I want is to
      change the HTTPService to use embeded values (NO FORM DATA) and just load
      with data when the page comes up in the browser. I would expect to use the
      <body onload=""> to do this in html. Here it is without the text fields and
      hard coded with a zip and weight:


      But I can't figure out how to get the HTTPService to kick off without the
      button (I left it there in this example).

      Anyway, thanks for any help, I'm completely stuck.