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    A better way to refresh data

      Hey everyone, I'm creating a Flex/ColdFusion app. and I've been working with CFCs and RemoteObjects. I know that when you want to refresh data you have to call the CFC with the RemoteObject every time (after the creationComplete is called I use addedToStage and removedFromStage to re-call the CFC). Is there a better way to refresh my data or "re-initialize" the component?

      Also, does anyone know the proper way to log someone out using ColdFusion and Flex? I pass the cflogout method in my CFC and in Flex I return the user to the login page and "reset" my objects I use to store user data, but after logging in as a different user the previous user's info is still present. So I've resorted to reloading the URL to clear the application of all data. Any tips?