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    Different (broken) behaviour of "Reveal Sequence in Project" in latest Premiere

    Megaman9 Level 1

      Hi, this is on Mac OS X 10.13.3 Premiere 12.1

      It used to be (in the previous version of Premiere) that when I used "Reveal Sequence in Project" if the item was not within the bin currently open in the Project Panel, it would open a new panel at the root location of the sequence and display it.


      Now in 12.1 it simply does nothing unless I manually open the enclosing bin in the Project panel. Otherwise it just does nothing, with no feedback or anything.


      I have created some macros that rely on this shortcut working and I don't want to have to navigate to this root folder every time manually.


      Does anyone know how I can change the behaviour of this command or if this is a bug in the new version?