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    Event not covered error for transactionnal message

    thibaultb47319929 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I got an issue that involve my transactionnal message when trying to link a template I create with an event using SoapUI.

      I already see another post on the forum but with no real answers on my issue.


      So I first make a simple template and create an event name to specify the event type of the template and I publish the template with success.

      I also send a proof with no problem.


      I then make a SoapRequest such as this :


      I got a success answer :


      But still, when I check in the Adobe Campaign's event history, my events are not covered and the documentation doesn't help get through the problem.


      I already check in the properties of the template to make sure the event name is correct and it's the case.

      I also see that lots of people are facing this issue, do you have some answers for my problem ?

      If you need more information, feel free to ask me !

      Using Adobe Campaign v7 on Windows 10.