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    PDF not showing in IE and get.adobe.com going to Amsterdam

    fordcountyit Level 1

      Hello,   for the last two days when we try to open PDF files from IE, we get an error, we can do a reload and it appears to bring the form up, most of the time.    When we try to go to www.adobe.com and go to the adobe acrobat dc download link it is blocked, because it is trying to go to located in Amsterdam NL, which we do not allow.


      Any suggestions?   We have looked at IE solutions and Adobe solutions, none of which appear to be working.   Please advise.

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Fordcountyit,


          We apologize for the inconvenience caused, as per the description above, you are not able to view PDF files in IE, and also not able to go to Adobe.com, Is that correct?


          Please try viewing the PDF file on a different browser once like Chrome, or Firefox, or Safari and see if this brings any difference. Also, try opening Adobe.com using a different browser.


          Try the suggestions from the following Adobe articles Troubleshoot viewing PDF files on the web

          For Adobe.com issue, please refer to Can't connect to Adobe.com online service


          If there is any restriction/firewall issue, you have to whitelist certain Adobe Ports and URLs, I have shared the list of Ports and URLs details via private message, please check your email inbox.


          Let us know how it goes and share your findings.



          Anand Sri.

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