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    Delete photos from Lr Classic but leave in Lr CC




      I was wondering if it was possible to delete photos from the Lr classic catalogue/folder but leave them in the cloud.


      To to give context I am thinking if this work flow would work...


      1. import a batch of images into Classic then create a Collection

      2. Sync the collection to CC and the do edits on a web browser/ iPad

      3. Export those edited images from Classic (seems CC has limited export capabilities)

      4. Leave those images backed up on CC cloud storage

      5. Delete from Classic and hard drive ( knowing they are safe in CC cloud)


      is is this all possible?


      thanks in advance for your time



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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          No, not possible. Deleting from a sync-enabled Classic catalog will also delete from the cloud.


          See this post that I did a few days ago which tries to explain the issues around deleting synced images: Re: Disappearing fotos from Album in lightroom CC


          The main issue as far as your proposed workflow is concerned is that there is only a one-way "selective sync" capability from Classic, i.e. you can choose which of your Classic images to sync to the cloud, but you can't choose which of the cloud images you sync to Classic. Every image that is in the cloud will automatically sync into a sync-enabled Classic, so if you delete a synced image from Classic, it therefore has to be deleted from the cloud (if it wasn't it would be immediately downloaded back into Classic after you deleted it).


          The only answer is a fully selective sync capability, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.....Adobe are on record as saying they have no current plans to invest any further in Classic to LRCC syncing capabilities.

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