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    Current LR version ruined performance on high-end rig.


      I've had problems with slow LR since last update. Tried everything between reinstalling software and Windows, but no luck at all. Am I the only one to notice this? This is crazy, not even worst example of how bad it works.. This is difference between two clean installs of LR and computer.. I also have problems in Photoshop under Liquify with last update, so I guess LR is not the only problem..


      First video, the last working version of LR, I do believe it is 7.2. Working great.

      LR video 5 previous version - YouTube


      Latest version of LR.. This is actually not the worst case example... Excuse the talking, had to show a friend how bad this is...

      LR video 6 - YouTube


      More examples:

      LR 3 Standard lagg    - YouTube





      AMD Threadripper 1920x 4.5 GHz 12 cores

      32 GB 3200MHz RAM

      nVidia 1080 Ti Strix OC

      Samsung 960 Pro NVMe



      I don't have issues in other applications.


      I work with computers on daily basis, and I can't see any other possible reasons than bug or Adobe broke OpenGL/OpenCL support for high-end nVidia cards. Performance is just the same if I deactivate GPU acceleration, this tells me GPU is not helping at all in last version..


      Excuse my rusty English.